A Poem A Day For The Month of May

Welcome to day 1

We are excited to be sharing the inspiration and power of poetry. Let's start by exploring your intention for this class. Think about why you signed up, what you hope to come away with in 31 days and what you are excited about.

This class is your class. You will get out of to what you put into it. What you put into it and what you get out of it is just what you need right now. it is your journey, your path. I do suggest you stay awake and learn from how you do this class, write poetry about it, notice the things you say to yourself, your inner critic messages. I also suggest you stretch yourself, if making a commitment  to do something daily has been difficult for you then try doing it here, If connecting with others is different for you then try it. If sharing your poetry is a stretch share it. Stepping out of our comfort zone is how we learn new inner strengths, courage and even joy.

This class isn't technical. We won't be teaching you poetry. You will be writing for you from your heart and soul. Let the words flow from one to the other. Try not to get stuck in form. Break free and trust the words to guide you. Let your feelings, memories, senses, and images flow from one to the other. Some of your poetry will make sense some won't. Many of your poems will open you to new levels of your inner wisdom. Others will just make you laugh, cry or shout. I do hope you all share some of your poetry. The daily focus, prompts and sometimes exercises are designed to help you reach into your inner world, in order to pull out beauty, meaning and transformation. Go as deep as you can with each poem, even the light ones.


"Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has researched intention as a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place". From the introduction of his book Power of Intention

1. Create an intention for yourself about this class, post it on the FB page so we can all support each other. A powerful intention includes the desire you have behind it, which gives more fire to the commitment.

2. Turn your intention into a poem.

Definition if a poem, a la a Poem a day:
A series of words on a page spaced like a poem that expresses your inner truth.

For instance:

My intention is to enjoy the process of creating and leading this class, to write and share more of my poetry and inspire others (which is my deeper desire) to do the same.


The enjoyment of sharing
leading and creating
to inspire others to
do the same

Simple, and the poem adds a flow and a dance to the words of my intention. You can also move into imagery, metaphor, memories…let the first word lead you to the next.

For me, I want to feel better or expansive or creative or just cleansed after writing a poem. Some of my poems sing to me more than others, but they are like my children, I feel love for them no matter how they turn out.

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